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Will Smith   – Box Office Hits:  I am Legend  Alone this movie grossed 30 million and is set to make 80 million for the weekend. I Am Legend grossed $77,211,321 on its opening weekend in 3,606 theaters, averaging $21,412 per venue, and placing it at the top of the box office. This set a record […]

 Definition of Fantasy: Fantasy is a genre that uses magic and other  supernatural forms as a primary element of the plot,theme and setting Many works within the genre take place on fictional planes or planets where magic is common. Fantasy is generally distinguished frm science fiction and horror by by the expectation that it steers clear […]

Shaun of the dead is a british romantic zombie comedy film which is directed by Edgar Wright. The plot focuses on Shaun, a young man who is attempting to get some kind of focus in his life as he reconciles with his ex-girlfriend and settles his various issues with his mother and stepfather. At the same […]

This film focuses on normal looking man coming to earth from a different planet  to find a special stone which a boy has got. the plot of the film is in a New York City apartment a young boy named Josh Morrison (Austin Lynd Myers) watches through his telescope an approaching object coming from the sky. […]

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