3 Films and there Alternative Distribution


Age of Stupid

Alternative distribution:

Crowd Funding:

Crowd funding is were many people who give a donation to the producers of the film to be able to make the film and when the film is made the money made from it will go back to the people who have donated. On the website it asks you to donated a £1. By doing this it will cut your costs of producing it and the only cost you have to pay is to the host of the server which people all around the world can access it.

Order your DVD:

You can order you DVD online on the Age of Stupid website. While they promote there sale of there DVD, there are other websites which sell it for much less than  Age of Stupid website but when you buy it form  Age of Stupid website you get more from it. For example, with six hours of extras and a huge chunk of money can go to them which will help them to produce there new film.

Watch online:

Age of Stupid are offering people to watch the film online or you can download it. The reason or watching  Age of Stupid online is because if you can not make it to the cinema screening or DVD not available in you country and you are lazy to leave your home.The Age of Stupid is now available for you to download and watch from the comfort of your computer screen.

Indie Screening:

Indie Screening is where people online buy a liscense to show the  Age of Stupid in different places. the place you cold hold your screening of Age of Stupid is in school/pub/church/community centre/multinational oil corporation.the only think you need to do is to buy you liscense and book your screening, get the DVD in the post, screen the film and last you get of profit from all the bookings. By doing this you can get more DVDs out and have chance to make a profit.

Television Brodcast:

Age of Stupid is brodcasted around the world. the country that it has been brodcasted is United Kingdom, Netherland, Finland, Israel, Tawian,Belgium and Norway.

Star Wreck

Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning was first released on self published online in the summer of 2005. Since then Star Wreck has been release on DVD and shown on TV on countries around the world. Also Star Wreck was letting viewers online to watch the film for free but when they were deciding to make the next film of Star Wreck they were asking there fans to buy there DVD to raise the money to make the next film.

Alternative distribution:

Televison Distribution:

Star Wreck has gained a positive comments on its high quality special and visual effects. so it is distributeing it on televsion so it could be free to the public and there fans who like it. By having the positive comment on the film it brings postive word of mouth. To date, Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning has been aired on the following TV channels:

Finland: YLE 2 (national), YLE Teema (national)
Italy: Canal Jimmy (pay TV)
Belgium: Canvas (national)

By having the televison rights for Star Wreck they have decided to gain the local right to show the “making of documentary The Spirit of Star Wreck. Additionally, we can also offer you two other “making of” documentaries and five Star Wreck short films. Also on ther website on televisoin distribution it has an email address and a contact for people you own a channel so if they are intrestedto show Star Wreck.

Online download:

As the Age of Stupid let people to watch and download there film or documentary,Star Wreck has allowed view online to download ther film for free and download extra but by doing this Star Wreck have had 3 miilion downloads in 2005. This number of people watched this film shows that this is the most watch film. Aslo it tells the producers that they film is popular and thats why they thought the second film from the money made on the sales of DVDS.

DVD distribution:

Star Wreck are expanding the DVD distribution to other countries. The countries that they have distributed is Finland,Sweden,Norway,Denmark,Japan,United Kingdom and United States. The first four countries the DVDs were distributed by Universal Pictures which shows that Star Wreck was a popular film watched and that Universal Pictures could get some money from the sales from the DVDs.


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