meet daveThis film focuses on normal looking man coming to earth from a different planet  to find a special stone which a boy has got. the plot of the film is in a New York City apartment a young boy named Josh Morrison (Austin Lynd Myers) watches through his telescope an approaching object coming from the sky. It is a golf ball-sized metal ball which flies through the window of his room and lands in his fishbowl, quickly draining the water. He keeps it and shows it at school in a science class presentation. Some months later, on Liberty Island a massive fireball crash lands. The fireball is actually a spaceship resembling a human (Eddie Murphy). It is controlled by 100 humanoid aliens, each one inch tall. Its captain (also played by Murphy) pilots the spaceship along with his crew from inside its head. For people the spaceship seems fairly human, but odd and with superpowers. A superstitious cop named Officer Dooley (Scott Caan) is desperately searching for the alien. The title ” Meet Dave” suggest to me that it is telling the audience to meet another person from a different planet.
Trailer of Meet Dave

Meet Dave

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